Mahatma Gandhi’s mind reveals both the individual and collective shaping of India’s mind. Why does Ram hold the place he does in the Indian psyche? Also, why is Krishna difficult for people?

Live-in lover law opens door to attacks on freedoms

Whimsical and capricious behaviour by public officials is not the sign of a democratic polity, but an absolutist one. The rule of law becomes the rule of the petty bureaucrat.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Whose votes will really be counted?

Exploring the Depths of Electoral Integrity: The Battle Over EVMs and Voter Trust. Amidst increasing scrutiny, the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 face challenges from technological trust to the transparency of the voting process.

Rohingya conundrum: Stateless, helpless and unwanted

The Rohingya are seen as “foreigners” and designated as “Bengalis” by the majority Buddhist ruling classes of Myanmar. They have been denied citizenship and excluded from any future vision of Myanmar, as the nation grapples with issues of ethnicity, religion and citizenship.

Demolishing mosques to erase history or more?

On February 01, a Varanasi district court allowed Hindus to […]

Unpaid work in the home across India

A pre-pandemic survey of time use in India showed that in both urban and rural areas, girls and women aged 6+ were several times more likely than boys and men to do care work and especially domestic work — and the ones who did spend several times as long doing it. These multiplying disparities mean domestic work takes up about 10 times as much of girls’ and women’s time.

Electoral Bonds: Beyond the Verdict, the Fight for Free and Fair Elections is Far From Over

The Supreme Court’s landmark verdict on electoral bonds, marks a critical step towards transparency in political funding. Despite its limited impact on the imminent elections, it lays a crucial foundation for future reforms but the battle for complete transparency and accountability in electoral finance, however, is far from over.

State election victories give Modi a head start for 2024

The ruling BJP’s success in three of five state elections […]

The BJP tries on a new image: champion of ‘good governance’

By Satish Jha, University of Delhi in Delhi With state and national […]

Caste census: game changer or false hope?

By Ajay Gudavarthy, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi The opposition wants […]