As part of its Survey on Gender Equality at Home, Meta asked Facebook users in 2021 how many hours they spent each day on unpaid domestic or care work.

The results show stark differences between men and women in most countries. In New Zealand, for example, only 22% of men reported doing more than three hours a day of unpaid domestic or care work, whereas 39% of women did. In Malaysia, 38% of men reported more than three hours a day, compared to 63% of women.

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A pre-pandemic survey of time use in India showed that in both urban and rural areas, girls and women aged 6+ were several times more likely than boys and men to do care work and especially domestic work — and the ones who did spend several times as long doing it. These multiplying disparities mean domestic work takes up about 10 times as much of girls’ and women’s time.
Unpaid work in the home across India