China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Shifting gears on China

As India re-evaluates its stance and toes a new line on China, it must pause to reflect on the possible outcome

Who’s Afraid of China

As far as the geo-economics of OBOR are concerned, as many as 60 countries will be connected to China through a network of roads, highways, railways, pipelines, fibre optics and grids.

China in talks with Baloch militants to secure CPEC projects, says FT

Three people with knowledge of the talks told the paper that Beijing had been in direct contact with militants in Balochistan, where many of the CPEC-related schemes are located.

China’s BRI runs into a wall

Smaller nations like Nepal and Sri Lanka are increasingly subjecting […]

China says new Silk Road not about military ambitions

China’s ambitions have caused nervousness in some countries, particularly India […]