To Bee or Not to Bee

Despite the environment becoming pollution free, bees are declining rapidly in numbers, causing a tremor of worry across the globe.

“I am afraid Coronavirus will kill us later, we will die of hunger first.”

Forced by a sudden countrywide lockdown to control the Coronavirus pandemic, 22 or more migrants have died while undertaking the heart-breaking journey into uncertainty. Driven by anxiety, panic, misinformation, administrative and government policy flaws, and fatigue, hunger and thirst, with no official or social support system or health care mechanisms on the way, these point to a tragedy far bigger than it has been imagined

Can a battered economy afford a long lockdown

At this stressful time, people need the steady hand of a government that bases its decisions on empirical data, objective reports from the ground, compassion, efficiency and good sense. Can we expect this from a government that combusted the economy through devaluation, an unplanned GST and poor leadership?

Life in the times of corona

Every century has seen tsunamis and calamities, but man-made disasters are a phenomenon of modern life and it is suicidal. The genie is out of the bag! Can we go back to a simpler life?

Corona Lockdown: Why have the poor been dumped to save the affluent

Was the PM misled by the diabolical vested interests to impose lockdown? Or this government has chosen to willfully disregard the suffering of tens of thousands of working masses in India?