US Elections: Thank the Rainbow Coalition for Change. It’s here!

Capitalist America, in a serious crisis now, might change only to become the same in a sharply polarised and divided country. And, yet, the end of the supremacist and racist Trump era in the White House is a sign of hope

Trumped – Emerging powers in a post American world

Book Review of Prof Sreeram Chaulia’s book on US President Donald Trump titled ” Trumped”-Emergind powers in post American World.

Can a battered economy afford a long lockdown

At this stressful time, people need the steady hand of a government that bases its decisions on empirical data, objective reports from the ground, compassion, efficiency and good sense. Can we expect this from a government that combusted the economy through devaluation, an unplanned GST and poor leadership?

Taliban suicide bomber kills 35 in Kabul

While claiming responsibility for the attack, Taliban claimed that several […]

Modi Prepares to Tango with Trump

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets ready to meet […]

Trump’s Muddled North Korean Policy

Washington is increasingly conveying mixed signals regarding how it wants […]

Russian hackers targeted 21 US states during 2016 election

According to US intelligence agencies, the Kremlin arranged a wide-ranging […]

Trump under fire over expected global climate deal withdrawal

A US pullout could have sweeping implications. The deal relies […]