From the British Raj to the Hindu Raj

Saeed Naqvi has taken on many world leaders in his long and successful journalistic career, but in his new book, he targets something far bigger: the betrayal that is the Indian state

Indo-Nepal: How to lose friends and influence

Hubris and lack of foresight are to blame for the estranged relationship between India and Nepal
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

What will it take to transform Uttar Pradesh?

Hardnews Bureau Lucknow


Why the Mahmood Farooqui Judgment is Deeply Flawed

The sentencing of writer and dastangoi performer Mahmood Farooqui on charges of rape has raised many issues about the new law and the manner in which it is encouraging carceral feminism. Author, academician and activist Manisha Sethi has serious views on this judgement. We are publishing her article for readers who are keen to engage more with this complex, but important issue-Editor
Manisha Sethi Delhi 

'What have we done about our secularism?'

Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole’s new book, Secularism: India at a Crossroads, launched at the Uprashtrapati Bhavan with expressions of unease at religious trends in the country
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Friends to foes: How Gaurakshaks are switching sides

Following the public rebuke from the Prime Minister, gaurakshaks have started distancing themselves from the BJP. They now stand in opposition to the leader they once hailed 
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Chauthi Koot: Not exactly slow cinema, but most definitely good cinema

Beautifully shot, subtly structured and powerfully evocative, Chauthi Koot is yet another mature film that proves the parallel cinema aesthetic is still alive and kicking in India
Dhruba Basu Delhi

Research will lead to Police Reform

Hardnews Bureau Delhi

An Ecosystem Annihilated

The brazen levelling of the Yamuna floodplains for the World Culture Festival has caused possibly irrevocable damage to the ecosystem of the plains according to the seven-member expert committee appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Hardnews had reported on this issue extensively in March and had predicted that extensive environmental damage could occur due to the festival
 Hardnews Bureau Delhi

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