Khoj: For art, by art

The work of art is rooted, while its industry deals in cuttings and transplants. The idea of ‘Khoj’ is to resist falling into that trap
Zachary Bushnell Delhi 

‘Speak, for thy tongue is free’

The language that ignited Ghalib’s tongue and fired Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry is finding new takers in the country
Shazia Nigar Delhi 

“GA has a lot to offer to India”

Dr Vivek Lall, an aerospace and Defense expert, shares his views on how to turn the country into a manufacturing hub


1984: From cultural violence to genocide

The devastating riots that left more than 2,000 Sikhs dead were the culmination of a long-drawn campaign of orchestrated violence against the community
Preetika Nanda Delhi 

In the mood for Laughter

There has been an explosion of satirical content in the Indian pop cultural scene. Is it just click-bait or have we become mature enough to laugh at ourselves?
Lily Tekseng Delhi

Can Modi net votes in Kashmir?

The BJP’s card tricks in Kashmir had virtually changed the rules of the game before the Assembly elections
Sadiq Naqvi Bandipore/Srinagar 

Rape is Not an Anomaly but a Part of Indian Culture

The recent Uber rape case once again shows that the public reaction and punishment meted out to rapists differ based on who the rapist is. Are we guilty of not only sustaining patriarchy but also reinforcing class/caste biases by reacting to rape with rage in only exclusive cases?
Shazia Nigar Delhi


A lot can happen over coffee

A modest café in a far-flung corner of Delhi keeps the flame of alternative politics and discussions alive
Shazia Nigar Delhi


The latest book by journalist Salil Tripathi,  is an important addition to the growing literature on Bangladesh
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

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