Nehru: Gazing at Tomorrow

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A fascinating account of the history and architecture of the power corridors on Raisina Hill
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 


Two new books reveal searing first person accounts of time spent in two notorious jails in India
Mahtab Alam Bengaluru 

India, Pakistan urged to resume talks

Joint statement by Indian and Pakistani delegation presses for civilised resolution to dispute and conflict
Shazia Nigar Delhi 

Planned Family Killings

The botched-up sterilisation camp held in Chhattisgarh that claimed the lives of 13 women reveals the price the marginalised pay under a flawed policy 
Lily Tekseng Delhi 


Goodbye, Sindh; Hello, World

A Partition Diary

Jyoti Gulab Delhi 

Watch Your Tweet, Minister

Cyberspace has yielded a novel way for the citizenry to hold politicians accountable for their contradictory stances and failed promises
Shazia Nigar Delhi 

The Case for an Intelligible Agency

Why are Indian intelligence agencies allowed to run like a cabal, when their counterparts abroad follow the basic statutes for transparency?
Shazia Nigar Delhi 

India Yesterday, India Today

Gopalkrishna Gandhi speech on the occasion of the University of Edinburgh’s celebration of India Day

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