Punjab: ‘Those who live in border areas are extremely backward’

Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

North-East: Protests unite Manipur tribals

The continuing agitation against the three Bills passed by the Assembly and the nine deaths in securitymen’s firing has brought together the tribal groups
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

The new age of thought crime

Our intelligence agencies should develop the ability to crunch the metadata to prevent subversion of our plural society
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Muharram’s ties with justice

Mehru Jaffer

Muharram is long over but the memory of that month of the Islamic calendar continues to play on the mind.

India’s most special political party

Rupa Gulab

The most important thing we learnt in 2015 is that the BJP is very, very special. It’s so special that rules that apply to other parties do not apply to it at all.

‘Stateless’, ’Infiltrators’, ’Trafficked victims’, ’Bangladeshis’: Who are the Rohingyas?

The problem with authorities in countries that the Rohingyas seek asylum in is that they consider them  economic migrants and a threat to security
Sucharita Sengupta Kolkata


Punjab is faced with a serious crisis. Drugs have become synonymous with the business and political classes. Narcotics are coming in, and a multibillion-crore-rupee international cartel is sending them out as well
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

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