Mysticism in the ‘Holy Himalaya’

The hills of Uttarakhand remain a place where spirits abound and mysticism is the order of the day
Mukesh Rawat Delhi 

Superstition rules the roost

Editorial: July 2016
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

BGRPD: Bhartiya Gau Rakshak Police Department

As vigilante behaviour over the bovine species increases in India, law enforcement officials sit back and do nothing
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Black Magic: An Old World, in a New World

Superstition is central to the Indian imagination and any concerted opposition to it pales in comparison to the sway it holds over the populace
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Social Media: Anatomy of the Trolling World

The public sphere has become vitiated as trolling plumbs new depths with each passing day. Is it planned, is it organic? Hardnews investigates
Mukesh Rawat Delhi 

Corpses, Severed Heads, Black Magic

Chittorgarh investigation provides a peep into a nation wide network of skull stealers from muslim graveyards that not just feeds tantric rituals, but also provide reasons for communal conflagration
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Not War, But it’s Uneasy in Baroda

Mehru Jaffer

I was excited to be in Baroda. This was my first visit to Gujarat. While there, I wanted to check out everything I had heard about Gujarat. Better roads, better markets...well, I’m not so sure.

Retro is Back

Rupa Gulab

From Nehru jackets, Fab India kurtas, and a brief flirtation with a monogrammed suit, India moved to mufflers. Much has been made of Arvind Kejriwal’s mufflers.

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