Syria: A pre-meditated escalation by US

Sanjay Kapoor

The applecart in the Syrian conflict has once again been upset after the US made its first direct strike against the Assad regime
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Migrants in Turkey pray for return to Syria

Tuvan Gumrukcu

REYHANLI: Ahmad Mustafa fled northern Syria to Turkey four months ago, badly injuring his hand along the way.

Liberating Aleppo

Sanjay Kapoor

As pro-government forces recapture Aleppo from radical outfits, there is hope that some semblance of normalcy could return to the war-ravaged city. It is also an opportune moment to revisit the western narrative regarding the crisis
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Tango and a Bloodbath: US-Russia attempts to recover from the deadlock

Participation in the Rio Olympics could be behind the recent US-Russia diplomatic engagement
Shubhda Chaudhary Delhi

South China Sea: Backyard Bully

China escalates maritime tensions once again in the South China Sea
Melissa Cyrill Delhi

Trade With Iran a Risky Proposition: Ambassador Wallace

As Iran looks to rehabilitate itself on the world stage, there are many who believe that it will renege on its commitment to the p5+1 nuclear deal. Ambassador Wallace is one such sceptic
Special Correspondent Washington DC

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