US Elections: Thank the Rainbow Coalition for Change. It’s here!

Capitalist America, in a serious crisis now, might change only to become the same in a sharply polarised and divided country. And, yet, the end of the supremacist and racist Trump era in the White House is a sign of hope

Mexico’s new leftist president is no Che Guevara

The Latin American left are hoping that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s landslide victory (or Amlo as he is called) will inject new energy into improving the lives of ordinary people.

The ​blueprint for China’s future

During the 19th Party Congress a roadmap was laid out […]

Time to rearm Marxist Theory

The major forces in the revolutionary movement were the workers, peasants and soldiers who constituted the overwhelming majority of the population.

There is a global movement afoot, one the Indian Opposition must not ignore

The result of the UK General Election points to peculiar […]