The case for selective right for empathy and nationhood

Whether we see this latest round of escalation of violence […]

Absent Putin and Ukraine war cast long shadow over G20

The leaders of Russia and China are skipping the G20 […]

Sri Lanka under Emergency: Land of the Gods weeps

Nepotism, the creation of large circles of the family clan and giving them a free hand in accumulating wealth at the cost of deterioration of national wealth and economic stability, has been the main contributor to the mess in Sri Lanka perpetrated by the Rajapaksa brothers and their lust for money and power

Expansionist China traps the debt strapped

The growing dependence of India on China is hardly a matter of comfort to our country. Hemmed in, and its territory in Ladakh under Chinese control, India should try to get out of this grip

French defeat Marie Le Pen and xenophobia

“…People who don’t feel they’re being taken into consideration, who […]