Narendra Modi

The BJP tries on a new image: champion of ‘good governance’

By Satish Jha, University of Delhi in Delhi With state and national […]

Caste census: game changer or false hope?

By Ajay Gudavarthy, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi The opposition wants […]

India’s confusing messages on Israel-Palestine

Relations with Israel and Palestine along two independent tracks may […]

Peaceful protest is a right. Listen to the Farmers!

Editorial: Why the government has chosen an authoritarian line so brazenly backing the corporates against the farmers is not really an enigma.

Trumped – Emerging powers in a post American world

Book Review of Prof Sreeram Chaulia’s book on US President Donald Trump titled ” Trumped”-Emergind powers in post American World.

Can a battered economy afford a long lockdown

At this stressful time, people need the steady hand of a government that bases its decisions on empirical data, objective reports from the ground, compassion, efficiency and good sense. Can we expect this from a government that combusted the economy through devaluation, an unplanned GST and poor leadership?

Death in the time of Corona

We may end up defeating Corona, but Corona has already cleaved the idea of an Indian people — as a people. India’s poorest have found a completely novel way to die, by walking themselves to death

Shaheen Bagh: A Running Epic of Liberation

The resurgent people of India must acknowledge that it is the students, mothers and sisters of Shaheen Bagh who have put to halt the triumphant march of the war machine of Hindutva. It is Shaheen Bagh that has saved the Indian Constitution

Delhi Polls: The BJP seems exhausted

Narendra Modi’s political culture is groaning under its own weight. It is only now noticing that even hatred can lose elections. This, for the BJP, is an alien and very frightening thought.

BJP’s Shaheen Bagh obsession: What do they plan to do there?

So how much voltage of what kind of ‘current’ is Amit Shah fantasising to send terrible shivers down the spine of peaceful people in Shaheen Bagh?