Narendra Modi

Polls will test Modi’s politics of Muslim exclusion

Aspiration of an inclusive India has been under threat in the Modi regime.

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The battle for India is being fought in the states as the general election turns local

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Whose votes will really be counted?

Exploring the Depths of Electoral Integrity: The Battle Over EVMs and Voter Trust. Amidst increasing scrutiny, the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 face challenges from technological trust to the transparency of the voting process.

Demolishing mosques to erase history or more?

On February 01, a Varanasi district court allowed Hindus to […]

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The ruling BJP’s success in three of five state elections […]

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Caste census: game changer or false hope?

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India’s confusing messages on Israel-Palestine

Relations with Israel and Palestine along two independent tracks may […]

Peaceful protest is a right. Listen to the Farmers!

Editorial: Why the government has chosen an authoritarian line so brazenly backing the corporates against the farmers is not really an enigma.