Muslim-baiting during Coronavirus

No, it cannot. This is because the bitter reality is as stark and objective as the plight of lakhs of unorganized workers in India

Death in the time of Corona

We may end up defeating Corona, but Corona has already cleaved the idea of an Indian people — as a people. India’s poorest have found a completely novel way to die, by walking themselves to death

Rohingyas fear cyclone disaster – Neighbours fear exodus

The Rohingyas refugees in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh are fearful of the murderous post-monsoon cyclonic storms which threaten to destroy their camps

Thar’s Lost Tribes

In Pakistan’s Thar Desert, tribes are caught between the impending […]

Thailand’s new labour rules prompts mass exodus of migrant workers

Several thousands are fleeing the country scared that Thailand’s military […]

Momophobia? Xenophobia?

Behind the call for a ban of the dumpling lies […]