Oil: Beyond the mirage of low prices

Oil and gas markets have gradually stabilized and prices will likely break the $40 barrier as the world economy restarts.

Saudi Arabia: The sticky politics of war and peace greased by a $24 billion IPO

The gargantuan Saudi Aramco public issue which follows a catastrophic attack on oil refineries presents an opportunity to countries of the region to reorder ties and explore peace.

Checkmate Chabahar?

Why has India wilted under US pressure on Iran?

US set on regime change in Venezuela

Given the US failure to overthrow the Venezuelan leadership through rolling protests and people power, President Donald Trump has openly said that his administration doesn’t discard the military option to enact regime change

Trump says China ‘Caught RED HANDED’ allowing oil into North Korea

“We have evidence that some of the vessels engaged in these activities are owned by companies in several countries, including China,” the official said.

India watches Saudi Arabia’s ‘turm-oil’

With Saudi Arabia in the firm grip of a political crisis, India and the world must prepare for a steep rise in oil prices

Mohammed bin Salman elevated to Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Financial analysts say that Prince Mohammed’s promotion gives further assurance […]

Crude Oil’s Seven Month-Low: US Overproduction, Indian under consumption

After the feeble bump in crude prices post the Qatar […]

Iraq Hedges Oil Production in the Face of Price Volatility

To save itself from future price shocks the Iraqi State […]

Oil Markets remain Weak this Week Despite OPEC Cut in Production

Reuters Oil markets remained weak on Friday after tumbling in […]