GST will not change India

It would be foolish to deny the benefits of the landmark legislation for the business community and in terms of administrative streamlining, but more foolish still is the notion that it is going to radically change India’s growth story
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Autumn in Srinagar

The lack of normalcy after curfew ended shows that the militants’ diktat rules, and Delhi’s only option is to engage the populace
Maya Mirchandani Srinagar 

One Man and His Inspiring Battle against Manual Scavenging

My ultimate dream is to see that nobody anywhere in the world has to lift human excreta, says Bezwada Wilson
Tripti Nath Delhi 

Life, through the human eyes of a Djinn

In ‘Kabuko the Djinn’, novelist Hamraz Ahsan convinces us that the elements of magical realism continue to find a home in Pakistan
Sebati Iyengar Mumbai

From the British Raj to the Hindu Raj

Saeed Naqvi has taken on many world leaders in his long and successful journalistic career, but in his new book, he targets something far bigger: the betrayal that is the Indian state
Dhruba Basu Delhi

'What have we done about our secularism?'

Former Home Secretary Madhav Godbole’s new book, Secularism: India at a Crossroads, launched at the Uprashtrapati Bhavan with expressions of unease at religious trends in the country
Dhruba Basu Delhi