Bollywood dilemma: What do you call those music composers that steal from their own ?

Film composers copying / getting ‘inspired’ by foreign songs, including Pakistani songs, is a known fact. but why should they steal from their own tunes/

Delicacies of a 56 inch democracy 

The street food at Indore’s Sarafa speaks of the mingling of communities as it dispenses warmth and radiates light; it remains a moment of hope and magic, in the dark night of democracy.


With the Indian economy in dire straits amidst high inflation and unemployment, and with the impact of the Ukraine hitting the country with tangible intensity in the days to come, will the obfuscation of data help in winning the elections?

A rare music composer chiselled by blows of life

Music of composer Jaidev was not for the masses.. His was of the kind that gave him acclaim, but never wealth. Winner of 3 national awards, he died in relative penury

Roshan-A short musical journey long remembered

Roshan died early, but his music lives on. His name has been carried forward by his son, Rakesh, and his legacy as a composer by his other son, Rajesh. His famous film star grandson, Hrithik, however lip synchs the lyrics to carry on the tradition of giving meaning to background scores of Bollywood.