Judging softly with a song

Judges have shown a proclivity for quoting from verses of famous Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Sahir Ludhianvi and Bob Dylan are particular favorites of the Judges when they have to deal with the unpleasant in their everyday life.

French defeat Marie Le Pen and xenophobia

“…People who don’t feel they’re being taken into consideration, who […]

Antonov: The mammoth Ukrainian dream that Russia bombed

Powered by six turbofan engines and with a wingspan almost the length of a football field, Antonov 225 Mriya could carry bigger and heavier cargo than any other plane.Russian forces bombed this giant aircraft during its recent war with Ukraine that they built in their precursor state, Soviet Union

Khela Hobe- The game is on!

Khela Hobe, she said. And the crowd roared back: Khela […]

Lata Mangeshkar: Her songs gave voice to emotions of her countrymen that speak in different languages

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice chronicled life’s journey and its vicissitudes in a manner few did. She sang songs in different languages that captured happiness, sadness, longing, valour and more. Her voice will live with us.